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Well, this is a good thing to know. Sad, but good to know. Advertisements

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A question about Spirit

I’m looking for feedback, a conversation, ideas, thoughts here– If someone wants to explore Spirit and serve the spirit world, what sort of work, job, career, profession, vocation could they do? If you were a career-counselor, what would you advise? … Continue reading

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Tracking results or Untracking?

Here’s something thought-provoking — I just read this article on zenhabits: “Untrack: Letting Go of the Stress of Measuring” He is talking about this in the context of one’s personal goals, but I think it also applies (or even … Continue reading

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Run Barefoot Girl Interview #2

Caity McCardel of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast interviewed me again and you can listen to the interview here: We actually talked around the beginning of September when I was in London and the interview was published mid-November.

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Go LIght Your World [video slideshow]

Kudos to my Macbook Air and iMovie. I have been able to relatively easily re-make a video/music slideshow I originally did a few years ago and upload it to YouTube, even from my slow, slow Internet connection. I struggled and … Continue reading

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Update from Cameroon

Okay friends, I know it has been a long, long time since I updated my blog. I apologise. I was wandering around England and Europe, one might say trying to “find myself.” What I learned was that I am in … Continue reading

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Mating lizards

Been meaning to post this for awhile. One of the more amusing sights of my Camino, and something I was able to see because I was walking barefoot and thereby not making any noise. At first, I could not figure … Continue reading

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