Well, this is a good thing to know. Sad, but good to know.

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YOUR Life-Purpose – Akasha Healing Arts

I just wanted to take a moment to highly recommend the work of a friend of mine. Last night, I was privileged to have Joanna do a Scientific Hand Analysis for me. (BTW, she did this via photos of my hands which I took and e-mailed to her and then we met via Skype — this is available to anyone!)

The Hand Analysis was surprisingly concrete in the information it gave me and the guidance I received from it. The articulation of my “life lessons” were not new to me after 50 years of living, however, my understanding and relationship to them changed from their being something to “overcome” to being something to accept. That was a relief!

The Life Purpose that was revealed was tremendously helpful. It gave me clear guidance and literally answered a question I had been stewing with that very day.

I always appreciate useful tools and products and love to share with others things I have discovered and found helpful. A Scientific Hand Analysis with Joanna is one of the most helpful “intuitive arts” sessions I have ever had—and I’ve tried many! If you are at all intrigued about what this could contribute to you, I highly recommend you check it out.

YOUR Life-Purpose – Akasha Healing Arts       Intuitive Spiritual Healing for Women.

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A question about Spirit

I’m looking for feedback, a conversation, ideas, thoughts here–

If someone wants to explore Spirit and serve the spirit world, what sort of work, job, career, profession, vocation could they do? If you were a career-counselor, what would you advise?

Give me your ideas in the comments. I’d love to get a conversation going on this. Thanks!

“The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly-that is what each of us is here for.”
                      – Oscar Wilde
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Tracking results or Untracking?

Here’s something thought-provoking —

I just read this article on zenhabits: “Untrack: Letting Go of the Stress of Measuring” http://zenhabits.net/untrack/

He is talking about this in the context of one’s personal goals, but I think it also applies (or even more so) to development work. I know that in “the development community” (or industry or whatever you want to call it), everyone has rather recently bought into the business management truism that you must have goals that must be tracked so you can show your results. And it is in producing measurable results which can be tracked and reported upon that an organisation or project demonstrates its worth.

However, will that really get us where we want to go? Will that really create the world we would like to see?

I’m not so sure.

Certainly in practice, I must say that what I’ve seen is mostly tracking and measuring things that do not make any real difference on the ground, that make foreign organisations look good while more firmly entrenching the issue or problem they seek to “solve.”


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Welcome to our World

I wanted to share my favourite Advent song, but when I searched YouTube, I didn’t like any of the videos available. So I decided to make my own with photos from my last year or so. Enjoy!

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Run Barefoot Girl Interview #2

Caity McCardel of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast interviewed me again and you can listen to the interview here:


We actually talked around the beginning of September when I was in London and the interview was published mid-November.

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Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2013!

[This is a copy of the holiday letter I sent to my mailing list which I wanted to share. Sorry for the bad formatting.]
Friends, family, colleagues,
All my best wishes for a Happy Holiday season to you and yours and may we all have a blessed and prosperous 2013. My gift to you all: a selection of photos from my 2012 adventures. More can be found on my Flickr page.


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