This is a blog of my reflections, thoughts and ideas about following God’s call to stand in solidarity with my African sisters and brothers.

I am an international development professional (with particular expertise in organisational development), an Episcopal Deacon, a minimalist/barefoot runner, a spiritual director, a yoga teacher and an aspiring farmer.

I welcome your participation in the conversation.


2 Responses to About

  1. diah says:


    My name is Diah and I’m about to.move to one of west African countries, Ghana. May I ask you some advice on surviving malaria? Any tips will be greatly appreciated. During your stay for years in Africa, do you continuously take anti malaria drugs?

    Thanks a lot.

    • tlongacre says:

      How long are you going to be there? If for a year or less, then you should definitely take prophylactic medicine (the best is malarone, but that is still very expensive. Second best is larium (aka mefloquine)). But that is no guarantee. If you can have screens on your windows and doors (or keep the door shut), this makes the MOST difference. You should definitely sleep under a mosquito net — if only to be able to sleep without mosquitos buzzing in your ears.

      The other best thing to do is stay inside during dawn & dusk.

      You can cover up, but most of my bites have come right through my clothes. Personally I prefer more natural deterrents like citronella. I never use DEET, but many do.

      If you are there for a year or longer and you are going to be in a rural area, the chances are very high that you will get malaria. This is not horrible (well, it can feel pretty horrible. . .) — you need to have access to medical care (and if you don’t have access, then you need to carry with you, and know how to use, the medicine). Coartem, which is a combination of mefloquine and artemisin, is the best cure. Quinine is useless and just causes your ears to ring. Mefloquine alone can be used, if you are NOT using it as a preventative. Quinine is useless. They will try to give it to you. It is useless.

      Do not buy Nigerian drugs. Buy real drugs.

      If you are going there for a long time, then you need to make decisions. I don’t use preventatives anymore, but I’ve also had malaria a few times (all while using preventatives) and I know the symptoms for me and I know the cure and how to use it. This is really the most important thing.

      Hope that helps.

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