The Kids are Alright

I’m not much of a movie person. This makes me pretty unusual in my family of origin. One of the few things my parents (long-divorced) have in common is an almost obsessive love of movies. Personally, I find most movies too emotionally manipulative. I don’t know if other people have this experience – I tend to think that they do and this is, in fact, what they like about movies, but I’ve had too many people in my life telling me how I’m supposed to feel so I don’t really want something that is supposed to be entertaining to do that.

Nonetheless, I do watch movies from time to time. And so, last evening I finally got around to watching “The Kids are Alright” with Julianne Moore and Annette Benning playing a lesbian couple with two teenagers conceived with donor sperm. I liked the movie because it was a pretty good depiction of a normal family (or maybe, you think, an unusual family) dealing with hard stuff that some families have to deal with. But my main comment about the movie, and what prompted me to write a blog post about it is –

Annette Benning makes a darn hot lesbian.

I have to admit I’ve never thought much of Annette Benning. That’s not to say that I thought she was not a good actress or anything, just that she had never made much of an impression on me one way or the other. But I thought she was great in her role in this movie – even though I didn’t like her character for much of the film – and hmm, great eye candy. Very nice.

Thanks Annette.


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1 Response to The Kids are Alright

  1. Oh, yes she does. I really thought she was excellent in that movie. I didn’t mind being manipulated to care about her and her family…

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