Azanzi Resort, Zanzibar

Well, although I'm not getting any benefit from doing this, I really, really
have to promote the Azanzi Resort in Matemwe, Zanzibar. It was the resort
next to Matemwe Baharini Villas, which is where I stayed. Azanzi wasn't in
any guide books or the websites I looked at because it is quite new (soon to
be one year old). I wandered over there looking for some badly needed
sunscreen and the staff was so incredibly welcoming and helpful that I ended
up spending a lot of time there.

I met a couple of the guys that run the place – friendly South Africans, but
the most impressive thing is the quality of their staff. They are sincerely
friendly, instinctively helpful, and adequately attentive. The other thing I
personally appreciated about Azanzi is that they have a system – all
expenses are paid at reception. But, of course, I wasn't staying there. So
what to do? You simply go to reception and they set up an account for you. I
had drinks many days, ate dinner a couple of times and had a wonderful
massage, pedicure and gorgeous henna tattoo, all went on my bill. The day I
was leaving, I simply went to reception and paid up. Simple, efficient and
effective. I love that.

The other thing I liked about Azanzi were the guests. Because Azanzi is
beautiful, schnazzy, has great food and drinks, hot tubs, a pool, etc. it is
a luxury place. However, it's prices are well below many luxury places. So
you get this great clientele – a group of 30-ish friends from the south of
the US who had gone on safari and climbed Kilimanjaro and came to Azanzi for
a few beach days before heading home; an Australian couple who I think were
on their honeymoon; two couples from South Africa with a baby each – a very
interesting mix of people.

Check out their website for photos. The places is gorgeous. And if you are
going to Zanzibar, I would highly recommend spending a few days at Azanzi.


About Seth Longacre

primal health coach, vision fast guide, itinerant discalced Episcopal Deacon, barefoot runner, photographer, spiritual director, yoga teacher, minimalist, pilgrim
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