BBC Slideshow on situation in eastern Congo

I recommend viewing this photo slideshow on the BBC News website, to get a feel for the situation here in the Kivus:

The very first photo — I saw that truck (both going and coming) when I went to the field with Stefan and the RRM team last week. Annoyingly, most of the "official" news stories talk all about North Kivu and either just mention South Kivu or ignore us. But when they put in one line that says, "we've had similar reports from South Kivu," that means you can just translate the stories, images, reports to here and they're pretty much the same. Except we have fewer journalists.

One thing I will say at this moment, and I hope to write more about this later, is that the situation is complex, it has mothing to do with ethnicity and is totally driven by the desire to extract "la richesses" of the Kivus — minerals of various types.

And the civiilian population is caught in the middle of this fight.


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