Many eggs in one basket

Why do you do it? Why do you get out of bed in the morning and go to work?
(or go looking for a job for those of you in that situation these days).

Some people love their jobs, find them fun, creative, a great match for
their talents and interests. Some people do it for the money because they
are saving for a house, or paying a mortgage on someplace they love to live
or they want to go on that vacation they have planned. Some do it for the
kids. I think a lot of people do it for the kids – to give their kids
certain opportunities and a certain kind of environment to grow in. Many
years ago, when I lived in Denver, I worked in an insurance company and
pretty much everyone there worked so that they could go camping in the
summer and skiing in the winter.

I've been thinking about this a lot these days. I don't have kids or a
partner to support. I don't have a mortgage. I pretty much have everything I
need or even want materially. So money really holds no motivation for me on
the workfront, except perhaps for money to travel, but that then also means
having the time. And currently, I am attempting at least to have my vocation
and my work be fulfilled by the same thing. In addition to that, because I
am volunteering in foreign countries, my personal environment (housing,
etal.) is very dependent on my job as well.

It is just now occurring to me that this is a lot of eggs to put in one
basket and it can be pretty tricky to get things to work well, or even well


About Seth Longacre

primal health coach, vision fast guide, itinerant discalced Episcopal Deacon, barefoot runner, photographer, spiritual director, yoga teacher, minimalist, pilgrim
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4 Responses to Many eggs in one basket

  1. a says:

    I’m wrestling with some of those issues myself right now. However, I can’t seem to release myself from the urge to merge work with my call to love and serve.

  2. Tracy Longacre says:

    Well, I don’t think you need to release yourself from the urge. I certainly have no intention of doing so myself. But, particularly when you add in that work and call must also fulfill personal environment needs, you need to really pray and take care in the decision and weigh all aspects. I think I didn’t take all those aspects equally seriously enough and now find myself in an untenable situation.

  3. Helen says:

    Like you, I don’t have a partner or kids, but I do have a mortgage, and a retirement to support, and sometimes I appear to be supporting a significant proportion of one small developing country – which is why I work in Australia for an Australian salary.
    But I do like my job, and think I make a difference to my conmmunity by doing it.

  4. Tracy Longacre says:

    Yes, that makes all the difference — liking your job, that is! Particularly if you feel like you are making a difference by doing it. Me, I gave up the mortgage and, so far it seems, the possibility of retirement, because nothing I had done in the US for a good 15 years was working, and set off to make a difference elsewhere. You are lucky and North Malaita is even luckier!

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