Stateside gratitude

I've been back in the US for two weeks now and still trying to recover fully from a nasty, nasty cold I caught on the airplane. Blech!

Now that I'm adjusting a bit, I realize I fell off the wagon regarding virtually all of my regular practices, including the acknowledgment of happiness and gratitude. I always gets discombobulated when I travel, particularly when I move like this.

But now, let's get back on the horse. So, recently:

1. I'm grateful to Brett who has been my postman, banker and reception desk (for the delivery of packages!) for the past two years. Even now when I'm in SF then down in the South Bay then here then there, it really helps to have one solid address to count on. And he does such a nice, caring job.

2.  I was happy to spend a little time with Brett's dog Charlie. She's quite a sweetheart and likes me (for some reason!)

3.  Happy for/when. . . having dinner and conversation with John and Andrew, including meeting their son Nehemiah and their cat Norma, preaching and doing a forum at Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco and being well-received, running at Land's End, running through Golden Gate Park, running through the Presidio

4.  Grateful for Jan saving the day by providing disks I desperately needed to get my new computer up and running.

5.  Happy to be in touch with many, many friends.

6.  Grateful beyond measure for Trish and Chris letting me housesit while they are in Sierra Leone. I have everything I need here and it is a perfect location for running, for getting around the city, for eating out cheaply. I am SOOO lucky.

7.  Happy to eat diverse food — sushi, burritos, pad thai, salmon teriyaki, a salad with pretty flowers in it!

8.  Grateful for a new computer with all the accoutrements.

9.  Grateful to Marjo and Julia who have stored my stuff for the last two years. And so grateful that I kept warm clothes. It was like Christmas, hallelujah! when I opened a box filled with pullovers, sweatshirts, and fleece!

10. Grateful for fast Internet connections and large hard drives so I can download movies and TV series to entertain me when I'm far away from such luxuries.

More later.


About Seth Longacre

primal health coach, vision fast guide, itinerant discalced Episcopal Deacon, barefoot runner, photographer, spiritual director, yoga teacher, minimalist, pilgrim
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