An Intense Week

In fact this was easily the most intense week since I started working in Cameroon.

On the running front, we did our first speedwork training this week — run the corners, jog the straights at the track in the local stadium. I felt pretty good and thought I did okay. That was yesterday. This morning I got up and realized that my Friday morning hill repeats were not going to be a pleasant experience due to the burning pain in my thighs. . . But I plodded through and did 7 repeats. I could have done another within the hour timeframe, but my coach was willing to let me stop, so I graciously accepted! The whole week was made more difficult by the fact that I did not get much sleep — 5 hours one night and 5.5 another.

At work, this was the week of NWADO's Organizational Development Self-Assessment Workshop which just finished today. This was the reason I didn't follow my usual sleep routine. I grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take to consolidate the comments from all the Interviews we did in preparation for the workshop, so that kept me up until midnight one night. And since we are creating the process as we go along, I was updating the process documents I was going to use the night before the session when I would use it. But it was also fun and interesting and productive and I really feel like I've gotten the process "in my bones".

The workshop went very well. We had a good turnout of member organizations — 14 out of 18 members. There was animated participation throughout the three days and even the more quiet people stood up and spoke and shared. The data we got was both not surprising and I think very empowering for NWADO. There was fairly consistent agreement about what the organization's strengths and weaknesses are and in the end it was quite clear what the organizational development priorities need to be both in the immediate future and the longer-term future.

In addition to that — really achieving well our objectives (both VSO's and NWADO's) — the participants really enjoyed, learned from, were interested in and had fun with the process. That certainly made me feel good as the facilitator and it was also very affirming for VSO and for the Participation and Governance programme area because this was one of the pilot's of this new OD self-assessment process. It was great to see that it was making a contribution on so many levels we did not anticipate.

And, again, I loved facilitating. I loved helping to create and develop the process. It makes me want to just run around the Province and facilitate this sort of OD stuff, or do strategic planning, with all these organizations that are so hungry for tools to improve their management (participation and governance). . .


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