Objective accomplished

Well, I am proud to say that I have already accomplished one of my objectives here at PRTC, which was to create a new brochure for them. It is quite nice — new design, in color, with photos. And everyone seems to be quite pleased with it. Now the job is to get it printed. The best part was that we needed new photos of our cows. The photo on the website is not good — the cows do not look good, skinny, with bones sticking out and mostly local breed. Also, it did not include any of the herdsman. So, I went out on Friday and took photos of some of our best-looking Boran cross-breeds. And everyone was really pleased with the photos. That was quite gratifying.

So here we are today at the NWADO (North West Assoc. of Development Orgs) "Open Day" — basically it's like a trade show for local non-profits. This was the impetus to get the brochure done. We have a nice display board showing our work and a PowerPoint presentation which we'll be showing later this afternoon. The Open Day is interesting — it's good to see what the other civil society groups are and what they are doing. There seem to be three main categories — those dealing with HIV/AIDS, those dealing with Peace, and those (like PRTC) dealing with agricultural development.

One very interesting organization is called "Paradise on Earth" and they deal with "waste management," which really means reuse and recycle. It is great to see an organization in African dealing with the issues of garbage. It is a huge issue. They have a program where they reuse old tires as planters or to hold up beehives. They shred plastic bottles and use them in making bricks and decorations. Mostly they are a research organization which means things are all very small scale, but there is a huge opportunity for an enterprising person to take some of their work and create a booming business (or two or three or more).

On the personal side of things, my weekend was pretty rough. I experienced intense frustration because I tried for hours and hours and hours to post something to my blog and did not succeed. Literally, I spent 8-10 hours on this before it ever worked. On top of that, I discovered on Saturday morning that the water was out again and when I talked to someone about it, I found out that the system from the river was actually broken (rather than just needing to be cleaned out). That, of course, meant that nothing could be done before Monday — oh wait, no Tuesday, because Monday was a national holiday (the end of Ramadan). This is a bit worrying because the dry season really seems to be starting which means my rainwater barrel is not getting filled. Then on Sunday morning at 6am, I caught two girls from the compound stealing from what little water I had left. Added to all that, I was not feeling well physically. Grrr.

Tried to do a long run on Saturday, but I hadn't gotten much sleep for a few days and I didn't eat anything all day before I went out for my run around 1pm. I covered 7.5 miles, but I walked some of it, and I felt awful. Had to take a nap afterwards (I never nap!). On Sunday, I think I ate or drank something a little dodgy because my stomach has been upset.

So, it's nice that work is picking up and I'm starting to do some fun and interesting things. I need the distraction.


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