Bike crash #2

Well, I crashed my
bike again on Tuesday. It was market day in Bambui, so I rode my bike there after work. I had just stopped at the Horizon Chicken Shack for a beer — one of the few places around that has a refrigerator, so they have cold beer — when we had a short, but intense downpour. Luckily it let up around 5:30p which is when I needed to leave in order to get home before dark. Riding on the asphalt was no problem. And I slowed down, downshifted and turned my front shock on as I turned onto Fonta Road. But I must have still been going too fast because within seconds, I was on my butt in a pool of red dirt water on the ground. Whacked my head good and hard.

The fall wasn't as bad as last time, at least I don't think so. And luckily,
this time I fell to the right, so I didn't re-injure the side that was injured
the first time. My head and shoulder seemed to take the brunt of it, although I
have a bruise on the side of my calf and symmetrically opposite my left hip
where the bump is. My shoulder really hurts a lot, but it gets better every
day. The most painful thing is putting a running bra on and off. There's
something about having to use the muscles in my upper arm/shoulder while my arm
is crossed over the front of my body that is quite painful. My head has a
really sore spot. Even at the time I fell, I felt a bit stunned by the impact
of my head on the hard dirt. There's a small bump, but not much. But the left
side of my neck really, really hurts. I iced it earlier tonight which felt
quite good. It's like I have left-side whiplash. I did some yoga yesterday —
Abs yoga, which seemed like it would be good because it wouldn't use my right
side. But I absolutely could not lift my head off the floor without using my
hand behind my head. Lucky for me, I still have almost an entire tube of
Osmogel left. I have a few ibuprofen, but not many — one of those things I
left behind in my last ditch effort to dump weight. I regret leaving behind the
toiletries kit several times a week. . .


About Seth Longacre

soul worker, itinerant discalced Episcopal Deacon, barefoot runner, photographer, spiritual director, yoga teacher, minimalist, pilgrim
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2 Responses to Bike crash #2

  1. zeelander says:

    Dear Tracy,
        We do hope your injuries are healing….
        RE:  brochure.  Have you considered making a Video Brochure to send/post to prospective donors and current donors so that they can see the results of their financial contributions?  A moving picture is worth many words.
       RE:  Water problem.  Matt Damon recently  returned from the Sahara determined to do something about bringing clean water to Africa.  He has formed a foundation  – H2O Africa – and is filming a documentary “Running the Sahara”.    Worth exploring..
      Love,  Mother

  2. Tracy Longacre says:

    A video brochure? My God, I’m just trying to make a brochure that has PHOTOS. I can’t even upload photos to the Internet given how slow our connection is. No, no, that will have to wait until. . . probably until they upgrade cellphone technology to be much faster.H2O Africa — I’ll check them out. Thanks.

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