Tattoo in honor of Anita

In October, I finally got the tattoo I had been thinking of in honor of Anita. It is beautiful (well, I think so) and so, I share it with you. One thing I can say, it did hurt. It hurt like f*****ing hell. Particularly around the ankle bone where there is no flesh, just skin and nerves and a bone. It definitely makes a huge difference where you get a tattoo, lemme tell ya.

It’s a sterling rose, which I discovered were my favorites when she gave them to me, most memorably for my 25th birthday (sheesh, was that ever a long time ago!)



AGB — those are her initials.


About Seth Longacre

primal health coach, vision fast guide, itinerant discalced Episcopal Deacon, barefoot runner, photographer, spiritual director, yoga teacher, minimalist, pilgrim
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